Monthly Top Tips

On this page each month there will be a new tip posted explaining in detail how to restore your treasured piece of furniture.

Octobers Top Tip

This months top tip is how to restore that soiled armchair frame and revive the patina.

What you will need:-

  • Cotton wool buds
  • Cotton wool
  • Alcohol vinegar
  • Quality beeswax (we can recommend a brand if you contact us)
  • Soft cloth
  • Horsehair (optional)

Firstly, moderately soak the cotton wool in the alcohol vinegar and apply this to the soiled area/s repeatedly three or four times.  Wipe off any residue with a dry piece of cotton wool until it is dry.  Use any cotton wool buds for any sculptured areas of the frame, repeating the same process until you are satisfied with the result.  Ensure you remove any excess alcohol vinegar to prevent crystalisation.

After 48 hours apply appropriately coloured or clear beeswax.  This should be done using a soft cloth and applied evenly.  Allow this to dry and then proceed to buff up the relevant areas using either a woollen cloth or handful of horsehair.

If you follow these instructions precisely, you will be amazed at the results.




D I Y, With help from us

This page is dedicated to giving you tips on how to repair or restore your armchair or piece of furniture in your own home. Tips can vary from leather sofa repairs to removing the stain on a polished piece of furniture or even how to replace that broken castor.  Simply provide a detailed photo and a description of the damage, we will reply within 48 hours.  Provide "andupholster" with your e-mail address we will do the rest. Its free!!