A late 18th Century mahogany "New England" chair traditionally upholstered in a Gainsborough Silk Damask. £750

A late 19th Century French angle chair. £110

A mid 19th century French armchair LXV Style beech frame.

A Louis Phillip mahogany French armchair.circa 1890

A Louis Phillip mahogany French armchair.circa 1890.

A mid 19th Century Mahogany Cabriolet French armchair frame in perfect condition £190

A 1940/50's beech frame armchair. Frame in perfect condition. £100

A rare early Victorian Mahogany swivel chair with iron mechanism. Upholstery in need of renovation. £250

A 1950's glass cabinet in need of some restoration available for £65.

An unusual set of four "Art Novueau" mahogany dining chairs circa 1880 available for £380. If you enroll NOW for a 30 session course of 3 hours a discount of 10% will be applied to the purchase of these chairs.

A handmade hardwood frame Knowle traditionally upholstered requires some attention available for £190.

A modern chaise longue traditionally upholstered with a Beech frame available for £520.

A handmande traditionally upholstered deep buttoned ottoman £230.